Chiefs should cut Tyreek Hill, NFL should ban him for life

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

The franchise that can take pride in the memory of Joe Delaney now faces plenty of shame. And it will only get worse for the Chiefs if they don’t immediately cut receiver Tyreek Hill.

They were just down this road five months ago, dumping running back Kareem Hunt — who led the league in rushing a year earlier — after it became clear that he’d lied to the team about an incident that happened last February in Cleveland. Whether Hill lied to the team or anyone else (based on the audio released tonight, it appears he did) regarding the circumstances that led to his three-year-old son suffering a broken arm, the Chiefs have only one option: Sever ties with Tyreek Hill, now.

Given that someone (maybe the Browns) will give Hill a “second chance”, it’s not enough for the Chiefs to cut him. The NFL needs to banish him. Permanently.

Yes, Hill has rights. But the audio is credible. The audio is troubling. The audio confirms every suspicion that Wednesday’s press conference from Johnson County, Kansas district attorney Stephen Howe invited, and it should result in Hill immediately being placed on the Commissioner Exempt list. Barring compelling evidence that the tape was doctored or falsified, Hill should never play again in the NFL.

Not playing in the NFL could be the least of Hill’s problems. Given his statement from earlier in the day, which indicated that he cooperated with authorities, he apparently lied to authorities, creating a separate legal problem over and above the injury inflicted on his son. Coupled with Hill’s history of stunning and disturbing domestic violence, for which he escaped NFL punishment because it happened before he entered the NFL, Hill has forfeited the privilege of playing in the NFL.

Sorry, but that’s the truth. With only 53 jobs and 32 teams, Tyreek Hill is holding a roster spot that should go instead to someone who hasn’t broken the law, or his child’s arm. He should never take one of those roster spots ever again. And the sooner the Chiefs and the league act, the better.

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