Chiefs Chris Jones, Travis Kelce embrace villain role ahead of Super Bowl LVIII

The villain role is often labeled on teams and players for various reasons, whether it’s because of consistent success, attitude, or public image. The Kansas City Chiefs have found a way to fulfill all those qualities for those who aren’t fans within the Chiefs Kingdom, as the expectation is Super Bowl LVIII will feel less like a neutral field for Kansas City.

Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones didn’t hold back his thoughts on the recent shift in opinion of the team during his conversation with NFL Network at the Super Bowl Opening Night podium on Monday.

“For some reason, everybody used to love us. We used to be one of the most favorite teams, and now everybody’s like, ‘We’re ready for the Chiefs to lose.’ I don’t know why what changed,” said Jones. “What dramatic incidents happened to where everybody felt like we should lose now, but that’s okay. They can continue hating.”

Jones loves the role almost as much as his teammate Travis Kelce, who has dealt with more than his fair share of hate this season. Whether it’s the success of the Chiefs, his career, or his personal life, the Pro Bowl tight end is always a target. He shot back at fans in attendance on Monday for booing him as he spoke on the public address microphone to the 49ers-friendly crowd.

“Y’all are firing me up, making me want to play right now,” shouted Kelce. “I love the boos more than I love the cheers. Keep them coming, Niner’s gang, keep them coming.”

Kelce’s playful banter with the audience is a reminder that he and the Chiefs aren’t bothered by an opposing fanbase. The last two postseason victories on the road over the Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens confirmed the team’s resilience and mental toughness to handle hostile environments.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire