Chiefs assistant coach Porter Ellett featured by NFL Films

The Kansas City Chiefs’ spectacular 2023 season ended with a Super Bowl LVIII victory against the San Francisco 49ers, due in no small part to the exceptional efforts of the team’s coaching staff.

One recognizable figure on Kansas City’s sideline last season was assistant running back coach Porter Ellett, who is affectionately known as Andy Reid’s left-hand man.

Ellett has been with the Chiefs since 2017 and was featured by NFL Films for his role in Kansas City’s latest Super Bowl run.

While assistant coaches rarely steal the spotlight, Ellett’s steady presence with the Chiefs made for an intriguing story and warranted a closer look.

It takes a concerted effort by every part of a team’s organization to achieve the success that Kansas City has found in recent seasons, and insights like the ones NFL Films gave fans with this video serve to illustrate the group effort that lifted the Chiefs to their latest championship.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire