Chicago student wins $10,000 shooting-contest bet with Bulls' Jimmy Butler

You know how you can tell Jimmy Butler's got a monster payday coming this summer? He's already putting stacks on shooting contests.

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During a Wednesday visit to Phoenix Military Academy as part of a partnership with cereal-maker Kellogg's aimed at helping address the problem of childhood hunger in America, Butler — who's in the midst of working his way back from a sprained left elbow — challenged the school's entire junior class to a shooting contest. It soon proved costly, as detailed on the school's website:

Butler wagered that for every junior who made a free-throw shot, he would donate $50 towards the school. The class came up with a total of $550. Soon after that, he then went on to say that if he made a 3-point shot with one hand, he would donate $10,000 to the school. He made the shot easily and then challenged junior Jabaree White to do the same for another $10,000. Butler gave White three tries to make the shot in and he nailed it in one, which got the class real [riled] up and screaming in joy.

All told, the academy's students wound up ringing up $20,000 worth of donations from Butler, which is a pretty good rate of return for a few free throws and jumpers. And while some NBA players might not love paying up after making wagers on after-practice shooting competitions with one another, I'd imagine Butler won't mind writing this particular check too much.

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