Chicago Bulls running it back would be ‘delaying the inevitable’

The Chicago Bulls are in a tricky situation. Their current roster isn’t good enough to win a championship, but the front office seems intent on keeping the team together and running it back. At least, that’s what Arturas Karnisovas has continuously conveyed. Based on his comments, the core of Zach LaVine, DeMar DeRozan, and Nikola Vucevic will probably be back next season.

However, while they may be able to string together a playoff push next year, their future is bleak. They just paid off the Vucevic trade but will now owe the San Antonio Spurs a first in 2025 from when they acquired DeRozan. They don’t have a great future, and trading their stars could help fix that.

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According to Daryl Mayberry of The Athletic, bringing the same team back next year would only delay the inevitable. If the goal is a championship, then running it back would be a terrible idea.

“The easiest thing for management to do would be to bring back as many of the same players as possible,” Mayberry wrote. “They would field a competitive team and once again flirt with the postseason. But it would only be delaying the inevitable.”

LaVine and DeRozan are All-Star-caliber playIf the Chicago Bulls decide to run back the same team next year, they would only be “delaying the inevitable.”ers, and Vucevic is still a quality asset, but none are good enough to lead a title team. Together, they can compete for the postseason, but as we saw this past season, their ceiling could be a Play-In Tournament.

Even if Lonzo Ball miraculously recovered from his knee injury, the Bulls would still be far off from a championship roster. A teardown is desperately needed in Chicago.


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