Chicago Bulls need owner ‘willing to put his money’ on the line to win

Historically speaking, the Chicago Bulls are one of the best organizations in the history of the NBA. However, they haven’t won a championship since the Michael Jordan years, and he’s the only reason they have as much historical significance as they do. And outside of the Derrick Rose-led Bulls, Chicago hasn’t been competitive since Jordan.

Meanwhile, other teams around the NBA have found a ton of success, and none more than the Golden State Warriors. And while their success in the NBA Draft has been a big part of that, Joe Lacob’s willingness to spend has also been a huge factor. Unfortunately, the city of Chicago doesn’t have its own version of Lacob.

In a recent article, Jon Greenberg of The Athletic spoke about how nice it would be to have an owner in Chicago speak like Lacob has spoken about the Warriors throughout the years, stating that they’ll attempt to win no matter the cost.

“I wonder what it would be like to live and work in a city where sports team owners talk like that.

“See, it’s not just about spending — which the Warriors do in excess in order to win — it’s about having an organizational attitude of no excuses,” Greenberg wrote. “It’s about being a dynamic boss. A sports team isn’t just a business. At its best, it’s a civic institution. Someone has to be in charge and that someone should exude confidence, and yes, a little cockiness.

“In Chicago, we have nothing like Lacob. We need an owner who is willing to put his money and his mouth on the line.”

Until the Bulls are owned by someone willing to spend money to field a competitive team, they will likely have a hard time getting to that point.

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