Chicago Bulls' odds of landing Victor Wembanyama in NBA Draft Lottery

Bulls odds of landing Wembanyama or getting Top 4 pick originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The 2023 NBA Draft has a generational talent and de facto No. 1 overall pick, 19-year-old French phenom Victor Wembanyama.

But which NBA franchise will land No. 1 pick will be determined when the results of the NBA Draft Lottery are revealed on Tuesday night.

And for the Chicago Bulls, the odds of landing Wembanyama are long.

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But the Bulls would be just as satisfied moving into the top four picks. If the Bulls don't move into the top four, the pick will go to the Orlando Magic as part of the trade for Nikola Vucevic.

If it does, the Bulls won't have a pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

There is a lot on the line, so here are the Bulls' odds at both targets.

What are the Bulls odds of landing No. 1 pick and drafting Victor Wembanyama?

Right now the Chicago Bulls have a 1.8 percent chance of landing the No. 1 overall pick. Only three teams have worse odds of landing the top pick, the Oklahoma City Thunder (1.7%), the Toronto raptors (1.0%) and the New Orleans Pelicans (0.5%).


But lightning has struck before. In 2008, the Bulls had 1.7 percent odds of landing the No. 1 overall pick in the lottery but the ping pong balls came out in their favor.

The Bulls would go on to use the No. 1 pick to draft Chicago-native Derrick Rose, who went on to win an MVP award and lead the Bulls to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Here is the 14-team order for the best odds, with two picks possibly being conveyed elsewhere:


*Pick conveys to New York Knicks if outside top 10

**Pick conveys to Orlando Magic if outside top four

What are the Bulls odds of landing a top-four pick?

The Bulls would be content to just land one of the top four picks, because it means they could keep it. Unfortunately, the odds there aren't much better.

The Bulls have a 8.5 percent chance of moving from 11 into the top four. For the pessimistic people, that's a 91.5 percent chance that pick is going to the Magic.

When is the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery?

The 2023 NBA Draft Lottery is slated for Tuesday, May 16 in Chicago.


When is the 2023 NBA Draft?

Wembanyama and others will hope to hear their names called on Thursday, June 22, the date of the 2023 NBA Draft. Barclays Center will also host this event.

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