When Chicago Bulls Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, and Jimmy Butler met Sir Paul McCartney (PHOTO)

Ball Don't Lie

We have no idea how Chicago Bulls forward Jimmy Butler and Luol Deng teamed with center Joakim Noah and Sir Paul McCartney to create a photo that Kelly Dwyer will someday have tattooed onto his back, but we're very happy Luol took the time to share the photo with us on his Instagram and Twitter feed.

There's a lot to love, here. For one, Jimmy Butler's "This Town" shirt might cause me to reconsider my aversion to wearing NBA team apparel. Macca is giving the same thumbs-up sign that he and Ringo Starr have only been photographed three times in the last 27 years without utilizing. Then there's the fact that Lu called Joakim Noah "Jokim Noak" in the tweet, or the idea that this photo was presumably taken on Saturday and yet Luol waited until peak hours to post three days later after giving it a nice filter.

Ram on, Chicago Bulls, as you work through the daytime, nighttime suffering of your two-game losing streak as you fly with wings across America on this road trip and OK I'll stop now.

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