The Chicago Bears are checking all the boxes for QB Caleb Williams

Just a few short months ago, rumors were spreading that presumptive first-overall pick Caleb Williams wouldn’t want to play for the Chicago Bears due to their track record at the quarterback position. At that point, the Bears had recently locked up the top pick by way of the Carolina Panthers and had Williams in their sights while coming off a 7-10 season that saw multiple coaching changes on the offensive side of the ball.

Since then, the Bears have made key moves to bolster their offense, whether it’s bringing in new offensive coordinator Shane Waldron, signing running back D’Andre Swift, or trading for Pro Bowl wide receiver Keenan Allen. With those additions, joining wide receiver DJ Moore, tight end Cole Kmet, and an above-average offensive line, it’s all setting up for an ideal situation for Williams, who is set to become the Bears’ next quarterback in less than a week when the NFL Draft gets underway. Based on reports and recent comments, he’s pretty happy with what the Bears and the city of Chicago have to offer.

On Friday, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero shared a breakdown of the top quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft with insight from executives and scouts. Not surprisingly, Williams was at the top, but Pelissero revealed information on how the quarterback viewed the Bears’ situation following his top 30 visit.

Team officials have stayed in touch with Williams since via video chat sessions, just talking football. There still is a matter of agreeing to a contract, which could be more complicated than a normal slotted deal, given the uniqueness of Caleb’s draft process thus far. But sources say the quarterback’s conversations with the Bears have been very frank and positive. The Williams camp sent the message early about what it wanted — investment and infrastructure to help Caleb reach his next goal of chasing Tom Brady and winning Super Bowls — and the Bears so far have delivered. 

The smoke that surrounded Williams’ alleged disinterest in Chicago has fully cleared, and it sounds like he’s bought into what the Bears have to offer. Having a strong infrastructure is important for the 22-year-old quarterback, who has made it known he wants to win and become a legend in the game.

That was evident during a recent interview on the Pivot Podcast. During the interview, Williams is asked how he will help Chicago win a championship. “Now that I want to play at one place for 20 years and chase one guy, No. 12 (Tom Brady),” Williams said. “I want a place that loves ball. That’s all I’ve heard about Chicago so far.”

The Bears have the pieces in place for Williams to succeed out of the gate, and Chicago has the passion behind their football team that he desires. It sounds like the Bears have checked all of the boxes for Williams, and he’s fired up to become the team’s next quarterback, who will hopefully give them a true franchise quarterback for the first time in half a century.

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