Chet Holmgren discusses facing Steph Curry and the Warriors

In 2019, a video of Chet Holmgren crossing up Steph Curry and dunking on him at a basketball camp went viral. Fast forward to today, and Holmgren just got his first taste of trying to contain Curry and the Golden State Warriors in an NBA game. Holmgren is playing in his first NBA season after missing last year due to injury.

When speaking to the media after the game, Holmgren discussed his “full circle” moment of going head-to-head with Curry in an actual game. The Warriors star got the last laugh, hitting a controversial game-winner to give his team their first in-season tournament win.

“First time playing against him in the NBA, obviously touched on it earlier but great players over there, and he’s one of them,” Holmgren said. “Definitely got to know where he is at all times. It’s a cool first full-circle moment, I guess you could call it, you know, going to his camp however many years ago it was and now being in the league with him and playing and competing…That’s what it’s all about — I want to go out there and compete with these dudes, and they want to do the same.”

The Warriors have jumped out to a strong start this season. As such, Holmgren’s hopes of competing with Curry this season may be out of reach. Golden State has the aim of reaching the NBA Finals. They’ve still got multiple gears to shift through in the coming months, at which point, the Thunder may be too far behind the Warriors to pose a threat this year,

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire