Chelsea 'can take Forest to the cleaners'

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Nottingham Forest will be looking to increase the gap between themselves and the Premier League's bottom three when they face Chelsea at the City Ground on Saturday afternoon.

As the Reds prepare for their penultimate game of the season, BBC Radio Nottingham's Colin Fray has been previewing their "tough" final two games on the Shut Up and Show More Football podcast: "Burnley's best chance of launching a challenge was probably in their last two home games, but obviously last week they got thumped at home by Newcastle.

"I think you've got to say that you fancy Tottenham to beat Burnley still. Albeit, they aren't in a good run of form under Ange Postecoglou at the moment.

"I think it will be a tough one for Forest at the weekend against Chelsea, who are hitting form and momentum. They are starting to deliver on some of their promise - they have got a lot of young players and they have waited all season for it to gel - a little like Forest I think.

"I think it's a difficult one for Forest, just the same as it was against Arsenal a year ago. Forest will need to raise their game, just as they did against Arsenal a year ago, if they are going to get the job done at the City Ground.

"I'm not too sure they have the momentum behind them this year, which they had last year, to be able to do that. I hope I'm wrong - but you can almost see it, because of the season that it has been, being the sort of season where it does go down to the last day.

"If it does go to the last day, Forest will be in a similar position to what they are now. They will be in a strong position with that much better goal difference. Hopefully it will even be a good enough goal difference to avoid a Stoke-esque swing on the final day - which would be absolutely horrific.

"They are in a strong position after the win against Sheffield United - no question about it - but the worst thing they can possibly think is that they have already got it done.

"If they have any sense of that attitude, Chelsea are in the kind of form where they can absolutely take Forest to the cleaners.

"So it is very much stacked in Forest's favour at the moment but, with the kind of season it has been, you just cannot rest for a second."

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