'We are Chelsea and everything is bigger than normal'

Ben Chilwell looks on for Chelsea from the pitch
Ben Chilwell looks on for Chelsea from the pitch

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino says it was "never the desire" of Ben Chilwell to say the team didn't show enough against Wolves.

The Blues vice-captain came in for criticism from fans after the game for comments he made in an interview with Sky Sports where he said: "I think they probably showed that they wanted it more."

Pochettino's side capitulated after taking the lead against Gary O'Neil's men and have had their attitude questioned after conceding eight goals in two games.

The manager said: "When you listen to Chilwell, he didn't say that. He said we didn't win the duels, the 50-50s they won. That was my interpretation of the words. With a result like we suffered, we are Chelsea and everything is bigger than normal. Always it is to try to find some words to make a bigger story.

"I spoke with Chilly and it was never the intention to say that the team didn't show desire. I think the effort was there and I think for different reasons we didn't perform. I'm not going to complain about attitude - the attitude of the players was always good.

"For different reasons we are not performing, but is difficult to explain here and to the fans - but they need to trust in us. The most important thing in football is to trust and we need to feel the trust."

After the side were booed at half time and full-time of the match on Sunday, Pochettino has called on fans for their support.

He added: "The players suffer a lot when not performing. They feel responsibility. They are desperate to receive the love from the fans but, at the same time, they understand the situation. If you are not performing it's normal the fans should criticise us. We need to be together."