Cheech and Chong say they’re quitting ‘stoner comedy’

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The pro-marijuana crowd took a hit Monday night when counterculture icons Cheech and Chong announced on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that they’d no longer be doing “stoner comedy.” It may be that the widespread acceptance of weed took the edge off that sort of comedy. Or maybe being able to buy it without having to pretend to be friends with the person selling to you took the appeal away for Cheech.

“So you’re not excited about legalization?” Colbert asked. Cheech said, “Now way! It’s boring. The last time I bought weed it was from a store in a strip mall.” When Colbert asked where he used to buy it, Cheech replied, “ Behind a store in a strip mall.”

So the creators and stars of such classics as Up in Smoke and Still Smokin may be moving on from something that smells like skunks to something that smells like feet. “Now we’re into unpasteurized dairy products. Check this sh*t out, man,” Chong said while grabbing a cheese platter. They also said they’d be getting into importing exotic reptiles and, they’re really playing with fire here, taping and distributing football games without the express written consent of the N.F.L. But old habits die hard, and Cheech and Chong will still be blazing… in the form of burning leaves without a permit.

Now before this goes and harshes anyone’s mellow, rest assured this was just a bit playing up the fact that the kind of humor isn’t as rebellious as it used to be, especially now that former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner has gotten involved in the weed game.

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