Check out these NBA team logos reimagined as cool European soccer/football club badges

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When Shutdown Corner drew my attention to the awesome work done by Football as Football in redesigning NFL team logos in the style of European soccer clubs back in November, I found myself hoping and wishing that some enterprising and gifted person would give the NBA the same treatment in the near future. Well, it looks like this Friday is my lucky day, thanks to Serbian designer Milan Vučković's work on rebooting the logos of all 30 NBA teams:

Those are Vučković's reimagined logo badges for the Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns and Memphis Grizzlies, and I absolutely love them. I'll admit to being a little less bowled over by some of the other designs — the Boston Celtics' and Washington Wizards' shields don't particularly thrill me, though that's just one very-far-from-a-designer's opinion — but I love the effort and creativity that went into taking the branding images to which we've grown so accustomed, recontextualizing them and turning them on their ears a bit.

It's just a shame that, if and when we do get some sort of badges or patches on NBA jerseys, they're more likely to be promoting big box stores than providing an aesthetic breath of fresh air. Oh, well. At least we've got these to cleanse our palates now. Thanks, Milan.

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