Chazz Surratt fined for tripping during game-winning punt-return touchdown

Jets linebacker Chazz Surratt may or may not have gotten away with a tripping penalty during Xavier Gipson’s game-winning touchdown in overtime Monday night against the Buffalo Bills. But he isn’t getting away scot-free.

The NFL fined Surratt $4,833 for unnecessary roughness, even though the penalty was not called. Surratt has the right to appeal the fine.

From the NFL’s Operations Manual: “Cases are heard by appeals officers and former NFL players, Derrick Brooks or James Thrash, who are jointly appointed and compensated by the NFL and NFLPA. The decisions made by Brooks or Thrash are final and binding.”

Surratt was not the only Jet fined for unnecessary roughness. Fellow linebacker Quincy Williams was hit twice for unnecessary roughness penalties. Each of those will cost Williams $13,333.

A Bills player was also fined for his taunting penalty. Linebacker Matt Milano was tagged for $10,927.

Story originally appeared on Jets Wire