Chase Daniel shares cool small details from Chiefs coach Andy Reid’s playbook

Some people like to lounge on the beach and soak up the sun during a vacation. Others like to see the sights. Camping is another popular option for some folks when they’re not at work.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid likes to get away, too, but he has a different way of relaxing: He likes designing plays while on vacation.

“Listen, I take my work with me and I spent a couple hours a day working on things on that time,” Reid told reporters last year. “I enjoy doing that. Some people read novels. I look at plays.”

Reid is known as one of the most creative play-designers in the NFL but don’t think that he’s just into conceptual ideas. No, as former Chiefs quarterback Chase Daniel explained, Reid’s play-calls are intricate and loaded with details.

Daniel broke down a play on his YouTube channel, and it shows that Reid has precise instructions for how far from the numbers a player should stand on the field, the number of steps a quarterback should take and more.

But Daniel admitted he didn’t get into all the instructions on a play from Reid.

“That’s the simplest way I can say it,” Daniel said, “and it’s a lot more intense but that’s what you’re gonna get when you go through an install with Andy Reid. Everything matters.”

This is an excellent look at a play called Madden from the Chiefs playbook.

Daniel chose that “Madden” play for a reason. He threw a touchdown pass to Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. That was Kelce’s first career NFL touchdown.