Charming little boy is so proud of his fish: ‘I caught a big one!’

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If fishing is a hobby of yours, there’s nothing like a nice big catch to brighten your day.

A little boy may have scored the catch of his life on a fishing trip in Alabama. TikToker Elijah Harrison, who is in the military, said he “went to visit his country cousin” in the state. It was there Harrison recorded a viral video of his younger cousin’s big reaction after the day’s catch.

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Harrison’s little cousin wore camo in the family’s backyard. He held a sizeable bass with a pair of pliers by the tail.

“I caught a big one. I caught a big bass, boy. Reeled this thing in by myself,” he cheered.

But it wasn’t long before the boy’s speech started to sound more like a hopeful pastor.

“I think this is a largemouth that I’m catching in my own pond, in my friend’s pond. Yeah, I’m catching this big boy! Gonna be some good ole fish to eat tonight!” he said.

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The adorable video racked up 3.3 million views on TikTok.

“I wish all kids could have the exact feeling that this kid is experiencing! I love this little guy!” a user said.

“Proud moment and a key memory he will never forget. Good work, kid,” another commented.

“When the catch is so big it makes you sing a song!! Go On, Kid!! Sing to us about that big bass!” a person wrote.

“Collecting his retirement and ‘bout to start second grade,” a TiKToker added.

“This has made my heart smile. Nothing like pure joy,” someone replied.

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