Charlotte Bobcats look on the bright side after losing 2012 NBA Draft Lottery

The Charlotte Bobcats entered Wednesday night's 2012 NBA draft lottery with the best odds of snagging the top overall selection and the right to draft Kentucky star Anthony Davis, their grim reward for an awful 7-59 season that, percentage-wise, was the worst in NBA history. Well, they didn't. The New Orleans Hornets did. The Bobcats will pick second overall.

You'd forgive folks in the Bobcats organization if they spent the hours after losing out on a potentially franchise-shifting centerpiece crying in their beers and waxing wistful for days they'll never have. Instead, though, they appear to have turned into the skid in a pretty hilariously admirable way.

That there is a screencap of the splash page greeting visitors to the Charlotte Bobcats' official website on Thursday morning. It includes:

• A proud exclamation of excitement at having garnered the No. 2 pick that I will choose to believe was inspired by the "No. 2 ... and that ain't bad" ad campaign that Jennifer Aniston devised for Gulden's Mustard in the seminal 1997 romantic comedy "Picture Perfect";

• A video highlighting the bevy of talented players likely to be available when their time on the clock arrives (including Davis' Kentucky teammate Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Kansas stud Thomas Robinson, whom's Jonathan Givony pegged as the 'Cats likely choice in his initial Yahoo! Sports mock draft);

• And a link to a "buy this season, get the next season free" season-ticket deal designed (like the sliding-scale pricing promotion that Eric Freeman recently wrote about) to use steep discounts to bolster a dwindling, disheartened fan base.

We've given the Bobcats a fair amount of crap around here this season, but this is all great. Save your "Second Place is the First Loser" T-shirts, Spencer's Gifts. On this morning, the Charlotte Bobcats are winners. (Y'know, kind of.)

Hat-tip to Deadspin's Barry Petchesky.

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