The Charlotte Bobcats are caught hanging out with Carrot Top (PHOTO)

One week ago, we shared a picture of members of the six-time champion (and two-time defending best record in the NBA-holding) Chicago Bulls posing with Sir Paul McCartney, a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and possibly the most widely heard songwriter of all time. The photo was snapped with great lighting in a plush hotel in Los Angeles.

Today, we bring you the exact opposite of that. It features members of the upstart Charlotte Bobcats, of no world championships and coming off a season when they set the NBA record for worst winning percentage, posing with prop comedian Carrot Top in a lobby of a hotel in Oklahoma City.

It's not even Instagrammed.

Snark aside, the Bobcats are one of the better stories of this NBA season. With Kidd-Gilchrist in tow and improved seasons from each other players pictured above with, um, Carrot Top, the team has already eclipsed last season's win total of seven. The 7-7 Bobcats are making significant progress under new coach Mike Dunlap, a brave hire by respected young GM Rich Cho.

This was supposed to be another rebuilding year for Charlotte, as it trims salary and accrues lottery picks, but the team's improving defense and all-out hustle will make them a tough out for every team they face. The Bobcats may not keep up their current .500 play from here until the end of the season, but they're a fun team to watch and worthy of our support as they move forward. Honestly, borrow your bud's NBA League Pass and give 'em a watch.

And, uh, Carrot Top remains one of the more lucrative draws in comedy. He was in Oklahoma City as a stopover between his appearance on "Live with Michael and Kelly" on Monday and before his Wednesday night engagement at the Luxor in Las Vegas — an establishment he routinely fills up. Carrot Top was presumably playing a corporate gig of some sort in OKC, one where he was probably paid handsomely and put up in a hotel worthy of an NBA team worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, Dylan Moran can't even afford to tour the American Midwest.

Keep on snappin', NBA players. We'll post more.

HT to the must-follow Ananth Pandian.