Charlize Theron boards 'The Orville' as a guest star amongst the stars

Last Night Now

Much like her role in A Million Ways to Die in the West, Charlize Theron played Seth MacFarlane's love interest when she boarded The Orville as a guest star. Theron's character, Captain Pria Lavesque, was rescued by MacFarlane's character, Captain Ed Mercer, and it wasn't long before the sparks started flying.

The two captains seemed to have the kind of romantic chemistry one can only find in the mostly empty cupboards of an elementary science room.

Unfortunately, Captain Ed should've swiped left because it turns out Captain Pria was keeping a bit of a big secret. She was actually a time traveller from 400 years in the future.

Pria was actually trying to steal the Orville and sell it in the future because she's an antiquities dealer that specializes in the ultra rare.

Broken hearted, Captain Ed destroyed Pria's time traveling wormhole and watched as their love literally faded.

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