'Charlie's Angels' star Cheryl Ladd shares her top quarantine items: A book, a box set, and her favorite moisturizer

How would an angel handle quarantine? ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star Cheryl Ladd is sharing her favorite items that she’s been obsessed with during this unprecedented time. Ladd recommends a range of products, from a book about Near-Death Experiences called “Imagine Heaven” that provided solace after she lost her mother, to a big screen Sony TV perfect for binge-watching. The actress also reveals her favorite moisturizer, Caudalie Vinosource Soothing Moisturizing Sorbet, which she uses twice a day without fail. And finally, with over 100 hours to watch, what better option than the ‘Charlie’s Angels: The Complete Collection’ Blu-ray box set? Start now, and things might be back to normal once you finish.