Charlie Weis calls out Big Ten head coach following bowl flub

A former Notre Dame head coach was quick to call out a current Big Ten head coach after that coach’s team was beaten as a favorite in a New Year’s Six bowl game last week.

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. Lou Holtz didn’t say anything about Ryan Day (to our knowledge, anyway). Instead, it was what a different Big Ten head coach said following their recent loss to an SEC team that rubbed Charlie Weis the wrong way.

Ole Miss, where Weis’ son is the offensive coordinator, beat Penn State, 38-25, in the Peach Bowl. Afterward, the Penn State head coach referenced there being too many moving parts for why the Nittany Lions lost.

Weis wasn’t too pleased and offered the following:

Sour grapes of sort or simply sticking up for his son in a way?

Either way, if anyone has experience in speaking to the media after losing a college football game as a head coach, the elder Weis certainly has a large file.

Story originally appeared on Fighting Irish Wire