Charles Barkley: NBA needs to help Tony Snell

In response to a story by Yahoo Sports NBA reporter Jake Fischer, the ‘Inside The NBA’ analyst expressed his hope that a team signs the former first-round pick — giving him ten years of status in the league, and making his family eligible for the union’s premium medical plan -- in order to assist his two kids who were both diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Video Transcript

KENNY SMITH: Why he can't do it?

CHARLES BARKLEY: You know what I want to say? I read an article yesterday. Tony Snell--

ERNIE JOHNSON: Yeah. Needing to be signed--

CHARLES BARKLEY: By the end of this week. Because he's got two kids with autism and he needs to play 'til the end of the year to get a 10-year medical to help him take care of his two autistic kids. I'm hoping-- man, the NBA's been great to all of us sitting up here. And you guys are going to be playing basketball forever, making a gazillion dollars. I hope one of you guys signs Tony so his two autistic kids can get great medical care.

I read that article--

KENNY SMITH: Or does the league just-- Adam Silver comes in and makes an exception and he gets the medical care.


KENNY SMITH: But I mean, it's only 40 games. He can make. He's the Commissioner.


KENNY SMITH: That's an easier way.

CHARLES BARKLEY: Well I'm just telling you. Oh, I know. I'm just saying I hope a team signs him for the rest of the season because I don't know a lot about autism. I ain't going to say that. But man, I know it's got to be expensive to have two young kids with that situation. So I'm hoping the NBA-- we always talk about what a family we are--


CHARLES BARKLEY: --let's sign that kid for the rest of the season.