Charles Barkley and Dwyane Wade get all catty

It was mock outrage, but there was something to the conversation relayed in my tweet from Wednesday night:

Now I know why:

TNT analyst and Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley caused a stir Tuesday when he referred to the Heat as a "whiny bunch" on a Chicago radio station. Wade shot back Wednesday, referring to Barkley's comments as "bandwagon" opinions.

"We don't care what people have to say about us," Wade said. "We're coming out to win the game. And we understand what the word bandwagon means."

Actually, I don't think ya' do, mate. From


Now, if Charles were suddenly jumping on your team's side following its impressive Game 2 victory, after months (literally months, Charles has been touting Chicago as his favorites in the East) of saying that Chicago would make it to the finals, that would be something. But a difference of opinion doesn't a bandwagon make, right?

Or, if at some point a "large and ornately decorated" wagon entered into this back and forth, and we were unaware? That's something else entirely.

And, come on, you guys have whined quite a bit this year. We know why, because no team has gone through the sort of criticism that the Miami Heat have been forced to take in this year, but …

Wade wants us to know that he doesn't care, even though he obviously cares a lot:

"When I was a kid, they called me whiny all the time because I cried a lot," Wade said. "That's fine. I'm done addressing what Charles has to say."

Now, now. Don't jump on that bandwagon.

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