Chargers can’t understand close losses

Darin Gantt

The Chargers have lost eight games this season, by a combined 39 points.

Even if you’re not good at math (#selfawareness), it’s easy to tell that’s not a lot.

And you don’t have to know much about human psychology to know that’s going to wear on you at a certain point.

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“Hell, if there was something I could do to avoid being in a close game,” Chargers coach Lynn said, via Jeff Miller of the Los Angeles Times.I would have done it by now.”

The Chargers were actually good in such situations last year (5-1), but they’re just 2-8 in close games this year, with a six-point win over the Colts in overtime in the opener, and a one-point win over the Bears in Week Eight that came via a missed field goal by Eddy Pineiro.

“But it’s just been frustrating this year, . . .” Lynn said. “If you’d have told me we were going to be in eight one-score games and lose all eight of them, I would have told you you were crazy.”

If he forgets the Colts and Bears games, he can be forgiven, since the stack on the other side is so large.

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