The Chargers need to seriously consider trading for a WR | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon and Scott Pianowski explain why the Los Angeles Chargers are in desperate need of some help at the wide receiver position, including why Houston's Brandin Cooks could be a good fit.

Video Transcript

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: The Chargers, they have an odd receiver room, right? Evan Silva's talked about this all season. Like, they could really use a field stretcher. I know it hurt to lose Guyton in a blowout, by the way, where they never should have had any, but they should've been running the ball and getting on the bus anyway. But this team really needs, like, I don't know, DeSean Jackson type, a MVS type, just something. They don't have that. It's a slow team.

MATT HARMON: They should have been the team that traded for Robby Anderson, Scott. They should have.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Yeah, you know what. I see that. And the NFL trade deadline used to be a big nothing and now it's starting to creep into some relevance. We still have a few more days. Maybe they'll make a move for somebody. I don't know.

Maybe Denzel Mims can come over, or one of the Jet receivers. Although obviously, Elijah Moore, they say they're not going to trade him. I take them at their word.

But I thought-- I had the Chargers going to the Super Bowl. That's certainly a horrible prediction. Although, I got a lot of predictions wrong in this division. I also had Russell Wilson having a great year for Denver, and that's not going to happen.

But there's a lot of things wrong with this Chargers team. And they seem to get unlucky with injuries. They always seem to have o-linemen getting hurt. You talked about Jackson getting hurt on a non-contact injury. Mike Williams was I think squarely in the top 10 receiver conversation and now that's probably out the window for a while.

Allen didn't look like he was anywhere near 100%. It's kind of par for the course. This just seems like a team that was born under a bad sign. The black cloud seems to follow the Chargers around.

MATT HARMON: There was a report from Ian Rapoport this morning that Brandin Cooks, Chase Claypool, Jerry Jeudy were all garnering some trade interest. Like, I think the Chargers have to seriously consider making a move for a wide receiver, even KJ Hamler. I know that's in the same division, though. So that's not going to happen.

But like, Brandin Cooks would be really interesting. A speed guy. I don't think Cooks has played all that great from start to finish. Now they might have a serious injury for Nico Collins too.

So that's something to monitor as well. But man, I mean, the Chargers just, I totally agree with Evan's point, they lack speed. And outside of Keenan Allen, like, none of these dudes consistently separate.

And this is an offense too that has structural problems. I maintain that, like, the way they call plays for Herbert is not great. Like, it's a bunch of short stuff. It's a bunch of quick game. And it's just not, like, conducive to the freak show that they have at quarterback.

But they have protection issues, all this kind of stuff. So Chargers are a weird team. They continue to be a weird team and a very injured team.