The Chant - A Historic Date in FSU History

Warchant Staff, Staff

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With it officially being Miami Hate Week, again, it's the perfect time to look back at this date 20 years ago when Florida State gave the Hurricanes what would be tied for the worst beating in the history of the series.

In Bobby Bowden's first season as FSU's head coach, he traveled down to Miami and returned home defeated 0-47. In Over two decades later on this day in 1997, he returned the favor when the Canes traveled up to Tallahassee, shutting them out by the exact same 47-0 score. The score could have been even worse if not for a missed PAT and two missed field goals.

It was the first time the Canes had been shut out since 1979 and the the last time the Noles were able to pull off the feat. It was the most lopsided victory for the Noles in the series history and the worst defeat for the Canes since being defeated by Texas A&M 70-14 all the way back in 1944.

The #1 ranked rushing defense in the country, held Miami to -33 yards rushing in the game and the secondary intercepted three passes. You can see the highlights from the game below:

Florida State will hope to rekindle some of that same offensive and defensive fire when they take on the Hurricanes this coming weekend.

October 4th isn't only known as the day the Noles crushed their in-state rivals from down south, it was also a historic day for the program back in 1980.

Bobby Bowden's squad traveled to Nebraska to take on the #3 Cornhuskers. Down 3-14 at the half, the stingy FSU defense shut out Nebraska in the 2nd half and a last second defensive play near the goalline, sealed the 18-14 victory for the Noles.

It was the first time in Florida State history FSU defeated a team ranked in the top 3. In 1996, Bobby Bowden said it was probably the most important win in Florida State's modern day history.

It was such a big win, fans took to the street in Tallahassee, blocking off a portion of The Strip on Tennessee St near Florida State's campus.


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