Channing Crowder Called Another Man 'Beautiful' But Here Are 4 Other Times He Should've Shut TF Up

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Former NFL player Channing Crowder’s podcast, The Pivot, which he hosts with Fred Taylor and Ryan Clark, has made a name for itself, thanks to the 38-year-old’s wild comments and stories that he shares on the show.

The podcast launched in January, but in just seven months Crowder’s comments have made the show a viral sensation. Here are five of the former athlete’s outlandish moments on The Pivot.

When he made an awkward comment about Denzel Ward

During a recent episode, Denzel Ward looked uncomfortable after Crowder told him that he’s “beautiful,” and gushed about his features.

“You got pretty eyes, you got good skin, you got little highlights,” he said while admiring Ward.

When he recounted bringing a stripper to the Miami Dolphins' facility

Crowder recounted bringing a stripper to the Miami Dolphins’ facility for his 2005 “rookie show,” much to the horror of the team’s then-coach Nick Saban.

“I brought strippers in the Dolphins’ facility. She walked in with nothing but a thong on and a Jason Taylor jersey, and she went up there, and Nick Saban was on a chair and she went up and shook it for Nick Saban,” he said on the podcast.

He continued, saying that Saban “grabbed her hips, moved her to the side and ran up the stairs.”

When he revealed he only showers a few times a week

In another off-the-cuff moment from The Pivot, Crowder shared that he doesn’t shower every day.

“I don’t think you need to wash that much,” he said during the episode. “Two times a week, three times max.”

Later he added, “I could rinse off … but all that washing, sitting down, and putting soap on,” while shaking his head “no.”

When he told Kevin Hart that he and his wife frequent nudist colonies

Crowder left Kevin Hart speechless when he revealed that he and his wife frequent a nudist colony.

A confused Hart asked a few follow-up questions, which Crowder was more than happy to answer.

When he said he's disinterested in a friendship with Russell Wilson because of the way he does his hair

Crowder isn’t a fan of NFL player Russell Wilson. He’s shared his hot takes on the quarterback on more than one occasion, but his rants leave some thinking he might be a bit obsessed with Wilson.

In one of the podcast’s episode, he opened up about his disinterest in being friends with Wilson, The Shadow League reports.

“I’m from Atlanta, I know what kind of dudes I want to hang out with,” Crowder said during the conversation. “I don’t wanna hang out with Russ.”

When asked why, Crowder said ,”‘Cause he put moose in his hair,” listens to R&B in the locker room and “rolls his heels” to get out of the car.