CFL players move toward a strike

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The CFL easily become overlooked in the broader world of pro football. It’s currently poised to make headlines for reasons other than its games.

The CFL Players Association has informed its members that six of the nine teams will be able to commence a strike on Sunday, May 15th.

“Today, the CFL tabled a new offer which addressed a number of our key issues,” the union advised its players on Wednesday. “Unfortunately, our expectations on these issues have not been satisfied, and our committee does not believe that our key issues have been sufficiently resolved at this time. We need to negotiate further with the CFL on these critical issues to meet the standards and expectations of our membership.

“In order to do that, we need time and a united membership.

“We have planned a work stoppage, if required, that will satisfy labour laws in each club’s respective province. It is in our best interest as a Union for our members to travel to their individual club’s training facilities to be in a position to execute a legal strike. Six of our nine teams (BC, Sask, MB, Ont) will be able to strike beginning at 12:01 AM on Sunday, May 15th.

“If a new collective agreement cannot be negotiated within a reasonable time following our work stoppage, the CFLPA will ensure that no player is stranded, and we are committing to pay for players’ flights or drives home, where they may remain until an agreement is reached.”

Issues include length of labor deal, revenue sharing that would result in an annual increase in the salary cap, guaranteed contracts, and increased minimum salaries.

The strike won’t affect the entire CFL due to the laws of the different provinces in Canada. In Quebec, for example, a strike is complicated by the fact that the players must be at training camp for at least a week, before striking.

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