CFB analyst discusses Texas’ first impression season in SEC

College football analyst JD PicKell is putting a plenty of stock in this year for the Texas Longhorns. According to PicKell, the Longhorns’ first impression season in a new conference is vital to their perception in the SEC.

The college football commentator said the following of the 2024 season for Texas on his show “The Hard Count.”

“I think the big thing with Texas is you get one shot to make a first impression. We said it about Oklahoma. The same is true with Texas. You get one chance as you move into the SEC to legitimize everything that you did a season ago, because here’s what they’re gonna say if Texas goes 9-3 and they miss the playoff. They’ll say, ‘well, it’s what you get in the SEC.’ They’ll say, ‘well, last year was good, but you know Xavier Worthy’s gone, all those key pieces on the defensive line are gone,’ like it was a one hit wonder for Texas. Good for you. Pat on the head. Here’s the SEC.”

Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian, in my estimation, doesn’t have much to prove. He does have to prove he can win a title, but that should come in time. Even so, missing this season’s College Football Playoff will be low hanging fruit to outsiders.

Making another four-team playoff would be difficult. Albeit, the roster on campus is good enough to make a 12-team playoff. They’ll look to set the tone in a first season in the new look SEC.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire