Cesar Hernandez signing elsewhere a fitting end to Phillies' decade

Just like Maikey, Cesar Hernandez is headed to the AL Central.

Four days ago after Maikel Franco signed with the Royals, Cesar Hernandez agreed to join the Cleveland Indians on a one-year, $6.25 million contract, according to ESPN's Jeff Passan.

Cleveland had shown interest in Hernandez over the years. The Phillies were never able to trade the steady but unspectacular second baseman, either because they wanted too much or because the offers really were never commensurate with his value. And so they held onto him for two seasons even after signing Scott Kingery long-term before letting Hernandez walk as he was set for one final raise.

Hernandez has never been a splashy player. He's a steady .275-.285 guy who can get on base at a .350 clip, run and occasionally pull one to the second deck in right field. His switch-hitting adds some value. Year after year, he's about a league-average hitter and a decent defender. Surrounded by enough talent, a player like Hernandez can hit seventh or eighth for a contending team. 

That was no longer going to be here. Hernandez was set to make upwards of $10 million in his final arbitration period and wasn't worth that to the Phillies, especially not with the presence of Kingery and Jean Segura.

Hernandez was in the majors seven years with the Phils. During the decade that ends next week, Hernandez was one of only three Phillies to start at least 100 games at second base, along with Chase Utley and Freddy Galvis. Few teams had as much stability at second base during the decade.

Hernandez led the Phillies in hits (807), walks (325) and runs scored (407) during the decade. Only Ryan Howard played more games - eight more, to be exact.

Hernandez turns 30 on May 23. As of now, he projects as the double play partner of Francisco Lindor in Cleveland, though Lindor is the subject of rampant trade rumors with the Indians not considering themselves able to realistically sign him to the gigantic number it will take.

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