Centennial Brand Eureka Launches FC9 Completely Innovating the Cleaning Experience of Users

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SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently, Brand Eureka proudly accnounced the Launch of Eureka FC9, which will Completely Innovate the Cleaning Experience of Users.

It is hard to imagine that an old brand with a history of hundreds of years can still produce innovative technologies that can change the whole industry and thousands of families. Eureka, a vacuum cleaner brand with a history of 100 years, launched the technology of sterilizing by electrolytic water. The first product equipped with this technology is Eureka FC9 intelligent washing machine, which is a revolutionary cleaning gadget in every respect.

Exclusive novelty technology leads the washing machine into a new era

Although Eureka FC9 is not the only washing machine on the market, it is probably the best washing machine. First, Eureka is equipped with exclusive water electrolysis technology, which can generate electrolyzed water with strong sterilization effect by catalytic reaction only by adding water, thus replacing chemical cleaners for sterilization.

The sterilization rate of 99.99% guaranteed its sterilization effect. What's more, compared with ordinary cleaners, it is non-toxic and has no residue. People don't have to worry about children's contact with chemical cleaner residue when playing on the floor, which is a novel technology that no other washing machine has.

Cleaning, mopping and vacuuming are integrated, and the cleaning problem is solved at one time. Imagine that when a child accidentally knocks jam and yogurt on the ground, the user may only use a mop/rag to clean the dirt over and over again. The whole process is cumbersome and disgusting. If users switch to Eureka FC9, add clear water, start the washing machine, and drag it over the dirty area. The strong suction of up to 8000Pa can instantly suck away dry garbage such as dust and debris and wet garbage such as sewage, milk and jam. Similarly, dog's dirty footprints, cat food spilled on the ground and pet hair are not problems.

At the same time, the high-speed roller brush will clean the floor without peculiar smell, and is not limited to floor tiles, floors and short pile carpets of various materials. The three steps of cleaning, mopping and vacuuming can be completed at one time!

The experience is even more relaxed. After starting, the roller brush will bring its own traction force, and the washing machine will automatically sense the dirt degree and adjust the suction force, which can be cleaned with one hand without frequent manual adjustment.

Compared with Tineco's latest Floor One S3, Eureka also has obvious advantages: 750ml clean water tank +600ml sewage tank (600ml+500ml for Tineco), which can clean a room of 100m2 once, without frequent water change and charging.

In addition, the walls and stairs that are difficult to clean by Tineco have been improved by Eureka through better corner cleaning design. To solve the problem of manually cleaning mop/roller brush after mopping the floor, Eureka introduced self-cleaning technology. Unlike other washing machines which need to be cleaned manually, the user only needs to press the self-cleaning button of Eureka FC9, and the washing machine will automatically clean the roller brush and pipeline, and the whole process is free from water, effort and repetition. People's cleaning work has never been so easy.

Very cost-effective, easy access to limited time offers.

"Everything is to make life easier for consumers." Since its establishment in Michigan, USA in 1909, this century-old brand has always regarded this as its unchanging creed. At least, judging from this innovative Eureka FC9, Eureka really hasn't changed its original intention.

To sum up, this Eureka FC9 can not only improve people's cleaning efficiency several times through the integrated design of cleaning, mopping and vacuuming, but also completely avoid people's worries with its exclusive electrolytic water black technology, one-button self-cleaning and corner cleaning technology.

What's more, Eureka FC9 has also started a limited-time discount with the original price of 379.99 euros. The use of coupon code "SINGLESDAY" on the Double Eleven Day can only be purchased at 279.99 Euros. In addition, the top 50 buyers who bought and collected Mi Watch lite worth 56.99 euros, and the top 200 buyers also received a bottle of FC9 cleaning solution worth 15.99 euros free of charge, which was very affordable.

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