Celtics still have work to do on their offense

The Boston Celtics may have the best record in the NBA right now in a tie with the Western Conference’s Minnesota Timberwolves at 15-4, but that does not mean the ball club is done refining how they play. In fact, according to the Athletic’s Jay King, the Celtics have some work to do on their offense in particular.

Per King, the Celtics “have slid to ninth place in points scored per 100 possessions” and “rank 23rd in assist rate.” Add to that the fact that they “only rank 17th in offensive rebound rate” and it is clear that the Celtics, despite having the seventh-best offense in the league at the time of this writing, could actually be a lot better than they are with their current roster.

That should strike fear into opposing ball clubs, given, as King notes, Boston still leads the league in net rating (9.7).

There is still plenty of season left to tease more production on that end out of the bench as well as efficiency out of the starters.

But the Celtics don’t have the luxury of sitting on their laurels even from this lofty perch in the East if they truly want to win it all this summer.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire