Celtics seen as likely buyers ahead of the NBA’s 2024 trade deadline

The Boston Celtics are seen as a team likely to look to the trade market to improve the team according to recent analysis by The Athletic’s Zach Harper. Per The Athletic analyst, the “Celtics don’t have much in terms of young assets or even moveable role players to improve their depth or add another significant piece.”

“However, Brad Stevens does have almost full control of the Celtics’ first-round picks over the next eight years, so Boston can definitely try to add a role player with a first or two,” adds Harper. “The Celtics have a great top six in the rotation but need another guy for their postseason run.”

This is likely informed speculation given Stevens recently alluded to as much in an impromptu session with the media about the Celtics’ potential plans at the league’s 2024 trade deadline. It makes all the sense in the world given what we’ve seen from the bench.

While much better than in past seasons, there is still little in the way of proven playoff experience currently coming off it apart from Al Horford. The veteran big man may not always even be coming off the bench by the time the postseason rolls around.

Add in a thin frontcourt and thinner wing rotation, and it’s a solid bet there will be at least one new face on Boston’s roster before the end of the regular season, if not at the deadline.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire