Have the Celtics lost interest in Kevin Durant?

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Have the Celtics lost interest in Kevin Durant? originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The Kevin Durant-to-Boston rumors are heating back up as the Brooklyn Nets superstar reportedly has the Celtics marked down as a preferred destination. But is the feeling mutual?

If the C's were to go through with such a deal, it likely would cost them multiple key players such as Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart, along with a haul of first-round draft picks. Boston already turned down that offer from Brooklyn, according to a recent report.

How Durant's new reported trade demand from Nets impacts Celtics

Since that proposal, Durant apparently has given the Nets an ultimatum: trade him, or fire head coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks. There haven't been any new rumors of a Celtics-Nets blockbuster, but one would have to think Brooklyn's asking price will decrease as they enter the season with Nash and Marks still employed.

As interested as Durant might be in joining the Celtics, Trenni Kusnierek believes the circus in Brooklyn could have Brad Stevens and Co. reconsidering their interest in a deal. On Wednesday's Early Edition, she asked co-hosts Tom Giles and Amina Smith an interesting question.

"Do you think the Celtics are starting to look at the drama and say, 'You know what? I don't really know anymore if you're worth Jaylen Brown. Because at this point, I don't know what you're going to bring into the locker room and maybe, unless the price drops really low, we don't want anything to do with you, Kevin Durant.'"

Giles agrees the Celtics have plenty to think about when it comes to a potential Durant deal, beyond the future Hall of Famer's obvious talent.

"Yeah, how could they not? They have to be cognizant of what it could become," Giles said. "Just look at what happened in Brooklyn. And by the way, you know whose name wasn't mentioned on there? We keep hearing about Steve Nash and Sean Marks and everything else -- Kyrie Irving's name's not on there. Don't you think he's got something to do with this and about the dysfunction that went on in Brooklyn last year?

"If you're the Celtics, you've got a good thing going right now. You've got a good group of guys who responded well to the coaching staff last year. I'd be very hesitant to disrupt that even for a player like Kevin Durant."

All of the drama aside, Durant likely would be welcomed with open arms by the leaders in the Celtics locker room. Jayson Tatum has a close friendship with Durant and played with the 12-time All-Star on Team USA. Head coach Ime Udoka coached that Team USA squad and spent a year with Durant as an assistant in Brooklyn.

Smith believes those relationships could still pave the way for a Durant deal, though there will be hesitancy as long as Brown and Smart are the centerpieces of a trade.

"I think in theory the Celtics would be hesitant bringing Kevin Durant on to this roster, but I think the relationships are there," Smith said. "We know that KD and Jayson Tatum, they absolutely love each other. We've heard KD sing Jayson Tatum's praises. Ime Udoka as well, that relationship between Kevin Durant and him."

Hear everything Kusnierek, Giles and Smith had to say about the Durant-to-C's rumors in the video above.