Celtics at Home: What if the NBA can't control the Orlando bubble?

Justin Leger
NBC Sports Boston

The 2019-20 NBA season is set to resume July 30 as 22 teams will play in a "bubble" environment in Orlando, Fla.

Although the league's return-to-play plan is encouraging, there remains some skepticism as Florida has recently seen a significant spike in COVID-19 cases. Only 16 of the 302 NBA players tested positive for the virus, but a spread could still occur when play resumes in Orlando.

On a brand new episode of NBC Sports Boston's "Celtics At Home," Kyle Draper and Brian Scalabrine discussed how they feel about the league's plan and what happens if the bubble can't control the spread of the coronavirus.

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"What if four or five guys on the same team get it? Does that team pull out?" asked Draper. "And I don't know if they have any contingency plans. You look at the PGA Tour right now, you've got guys on the tour testing positive, you've got caddies, and you've got guys also saying 'You know what? Our of precaution I'm going to withdraw from this event.

"If two or three players on the same team get it, will other teammates say 'You know what? It's just not worth it.' And so, I don't think the NBA has an ironclad plan. I just think, and I hate to say it, there going to sort of wait and see. I think they do expect some people to get it, but what happens if players feel uncomfortable while they're down there?"

Several players already have opted not to play when the season resumes, including Los Angeles Lakers guard Avery Bradley, Washington Wizards forward Davis Bertans, and Portland Trail Blazers forward Trevor Ariza.

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Scalabrine sees the NBA's return starting off well, but he believes there will be some complications as players spend more time in the bubble.

"I think they'll play those first eight regular season games and I think they'll even start the playoffs," Scalabrine said. "But I think right when the playoffs start, I don't know what's going to happen. Because I do believe that you're not going to be able to stop this thing. And I think multiple people on a team are going to get it, and it's just going to spread from there.

"If you're trying to stop cases from happening, I think that's sort of a pipe dream."

Watch the full episode of "Celtics @ Home" on YouTube or below. This week's episode also includes Mike Gorman and Tommy Heinsohn discussing the continued improvement of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, and a new segment of "Celtics Census" with Abby Chin and Kendrick Perkins taking on the father-son duo of Austin and Danny Ainge.

Celtics at Home: What if the NBA can't control the Orlando bubble? originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

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