New Celtics City Edition jerseys ranked No.11 in NBA for 2023-24

The Boston Celtics (and the rest of the NBA) have new City Edition jerseys, and there are more complaints than usual about how they look this season, perhaps a product of old persons yelling at others to get off of their lawns, but also perhaps they are more garish than usual. But as to how they stack up against each other, the staff of the Athletic ranked them all, and the Boston Celtics’ City Editions didn’t do all that badly.

Tied at No. 11 overall with the Charlotte Hornets (rarely a good thing in terms of basketball but not bad in terms of uni design) and trailing the Sacramento Kings (never a good thing, to be honest), the Celtics kept it simple, and that landed with the critics. “If you’re not going to be creative, then keep it clean,” noted James Edwards III. “Boston did.”

“Maybe I’m in the minority, but I actually like the blending of the white on the front with the wood grain texture on the sides,” observed Kelly Iko.

“Who knew Boston had a history of furniture making? I sure didn’t. The wood coloring on the side is also a nod to peach baskets, the part of history I would expect,” added Jason Jones.

All in all — especially in a season where said City Editions were especially ugly — this is a win for a team that has put out not only the Enya Irish Pub C.E.s, but the grey Underoos Shirsey.

Just be happy Boston has yet to devise its own version of the Dallas Mavericks garbage bag jerseys.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire