Celtics champion center Scot Pollard on the mend after heart transplant surgery

Champion Boston Celtics big man Scot Pollard has undergone a successful heart transplant surgery after a viral infection damaged his heart, putting the former Celtics center’s life at grave risk before the operation. Now recovering after the ordeal of waiting in the intensive care unit for a suitable heart to be found, Pollard is expected to fully recover after a long recuperation.

It was, evidently, hard to find a heart big enough for Pollard’s 6-foot-11, 260 lb. body — and hearts are not easy to come by for transplants to begin with. Pollard is thankfully out of those particular metaphorical woods and on the mend, however, thanks to the kindness of another and the skill of his medical team.

The folks at the local WCVB Channel 5 Boston news desk put together a short segment with more details about his ordeal.

Check it out in the clip embedded above.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire