Former Celtic Terry Rozier jumps into the lottery in 2015 NBA redraft

“Scary” Terry Rozier did the Boston Celtics a solid as part of the deal that helped the club replace the void left by Kyrie Irving in free agency, which also lost them the player they drafted at No. 16 overall in the 2015 NBA draft. It was time for the onetime Louisville player to spread his wings, and he went on to carve a larger role with the Charlotte Hornets in the sign-and-trade.

Now, in a Hoops Hype redraft of the 2015 class put together by Frank Urbina and Raul Barrigon, Rozier clocks in a full seven slots higher.

“A solid peak earlier in his career is what earned Terry Rozier his place in this re-draft, as nothing he has done over recent seasons warrants a Top 10 pick,” writes Hoops Hype in damningly faint praise.

“Rozier can score and create some but is too selfish of a player and not efficient enough to warrant his confidence on the basketball court.”

While that point of view might sting, it’s not entirely unwarranted, either.

And even if it might have bruised the ego of our beloved Scary Terry, we also think he wouldn’t have minded the pay raise that came with being a lottery pick.

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