Celtics alum Rick Fox on how his concrete alternative can help save the planet

Former Boston Celtics forward Rick Fox wasn’t known for throwing up bricks as a player, but now that he’s retired, it’s become something of a calling for the three-time NBA champion. But not the bricks you’re likely thinking of — one of Fox’s post-playing careers apart from acting is his work on an environmentally friendly concrete alternative that reportedly pulls CO2 out of the air.

Going as far as to call his new organization, Partanna, “the greatest team I had a chance to participate on and to lead” in an interview with the US Sun, Fox related how he leaned on experts in the field to help him leverage his own position to further the company’s goals. “I’m much closer to a material scientist today than I was three years ago,” he explained. ” surround myself with the smartest material scientists.”

“So just like I had Shaq and Kobe as teammates and I played a role in facilitating their excellence – it’s no different today,” he added.

“I facilitate the influence of my teammates that are far more talented and credible in the execution than I could have ever been in this space,” he said. “We’re being the change in the world that we’ve been looking for, but we need more and more people to come along and bring their solutions – to bear as well.”

“We will lead, but we don’t want to be the only ones leading. Others need to take up the mantle and contribute as well,” he added, calling on fellow NBAers to join him in the fight against climate change.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire