Celtics' Evan Turner endured the world's worst possession

Basketball players have unfortunate moments in games all the time, if only because it's bound to happen when a bunch of super athletic guys trying really hard battle for 48 minutes in a high-pressure scenario. The good news is that the sport moves fast enough to allow these athletes to make up for their sins soon after their transgressions occur. For most of them, things balance out.

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Based on that logic, Boston Celtics guard Evan Turner was karmically in line for a four-point play after one especially awful possession in the second quarter of his team's game against the Houston Rockets on Friday night. After grabbing a rebound at the other end, Turner stormed up the court hoping to score in transition. He ended up with three misses and a foul:

For my money, this is more hilarious than Memphis Grizzlies wing Tony Allen's recent four-miss possession. It's the frustrated tackle of Donatas Motiejunas that sends it over the top.

Turner finished with 10 points on 2-of-10 shooting in Houston's 93-87 win, so maybe he wasn't in line for a big play after this one. On second thought, this was probably the basketball gods recalibrating things after Turner's game-winner against the Portland Trail Blazers last week. I guess things can balance out in the other direction, too.

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