Celebrating the Boston Celtics’ bench mob

The Boston Celtics very well may have the best starting five in the NBA. But it is the players behind them that have helped the Celtics hit a new gear they have yet to before during the team’s current era of contention. The Celtics’ bench mob is about as good as it has been in a very long time, with reserves easily good enough to start on many of the teams in the NBA.

The Celtics’ bench is no afterthought that Boston has to survive this season, but a weapon that can be unleashed in strategic ways. Not only can Boston’s starters beat you a lot of ways, but they have the depth to keep it going for all 48 minutes and beyond when the need arises.

NBC Sports Boston’s Chris Forsberg and Amina Smith broke down their thoughts on the Celtics’ bench on a recent episode of “Celtics Post-up Live.”

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire