CeeDee Lamb on why the Cowboys are clicking at the right time

The Dallas Cowboys receiver spoke to Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon about the team’s strong season to this point and his growing game as a receiver. CeeDee joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of Snickers, who is hosting the ‘Rookie Mistake of the Year’ campaign. For more information, and a chance to win tickets to Super Bowl 57 in Arizona, visit snickers.com/rookiemistake.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Very excited now to be joined by Cowboys star receiver, CeeDee Lamb. Look, you guys are coming off a huge win. It really feels like right now, the Dallas Cowboys are clicking at the right time. Everything is coming together. I know there's a long way to go for you guys. You got bigger aspirations than beating the Colts in week 13. But talk to me about the vibe around the Cowboys right now, as like I said, I feel like everything is sort of clicking at the right time.

CEEDEE LAMB: Most definitely. The camaraderie we built throughout training camp, I feel like that's where it all started. And just coming together just as a team, playing together, playing complementary football, all three phases, just trying to be the best at each position and win each individual one on one, if you will.

MATT HARMON: I think this goes understated about you so far in the NFL, CeeDee. You've played multiple wide receiver spots. You've been out at X sometimes, you've been used as a flanker. But I've got to say, the way that they used you on Sunday night, a lot of pre-snap motion, using you to kind of dictate matchups to the defense. I think that goes understated about your game. How do you prepare to play multiple spots like that from the receiver standpoint?

CEEDEE LAMB: Quite honestly, it's very difficult. I'm not even going to sugarcoat it. But for sure. Just it's fun. It's probably what brings the fun into the position, just learning the different routes. There's different route trees at every position. There's three positions on the field at the receiver position. But each, every one, has its own limitations on which route you run. So just kind of opening that up, expanding my knowledge, learning the offense, if you will, and getting myself lined up. But we want the winning match-up when the match-up is in our favor.

Overall, just being in an attack mindset, understanding us as a offense, we can be very lethal, understanding that we got different playmakers, and difference makers on the field all at once. So you've got to keep your eyes active, or else.


I am CeeDee Lamb of the Dallas Cowboys. This is "Snickers Rookie Mistake Radio".

MATT HARMON: You're here on behalf of the Snickers Rookie Mistake of the Year program. Tell me a little bit about that.

CEEDEE LAMB: I'm excited to partner with Snickers for this year, Snicker Rookie Mistake of the Year. At the end of the regular season, one mistake will be crowned by Snickers rookie mistake at the end of the year, with the fan winning two tickets to Arizona Super Bowl 57. Every now and then, I'll react to a couple mistakes that fans have shared. And you can find it on my Instagram page. Or you can kind of find it on the Snickers YouTube channel.

And to submit your rookie mistake, head to snickers.com/rookiemistake. And then submit yours. And then maybe I'll see what your rookie mistake is. And we kind of go off that.