CDC director encourages Halloween trick-or-treating

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CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on Sunday encouraged families to celebrate Halloween and other holidays amid the Covid-19 pandemic, though still urged “prevention strategies.“

Speaking to host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” she said, “I would say put on those costumes, stay outside and enjoy your trick-or-treating.“

She did qualify those remarks, noting the continuing potential for the spread of Covid even as the infection rate from the Delta variant has slowed in recent weeks.

“I wouldn't gather in large settings outside and do screaming like you are seeing in those football games, if you are unvaccinated, those kids that are unvaccinated,“ Walensky said, “but if you are spread out doing your trick-or-treating, that should be very safe for your children.“

She extended her guidance to other upcoming holidays.

“It's critically important that we gather, that we be together with family and friends during these holidays,” she said, “and we have the prevention strategies that we know work to be safe for those holidays. So what I would say is get yourself vaccinated before you gather; it will absolutely be safer if you're vaccinated. Any activity that is outdoors is safer than it is if it's indoors. And if you are gathering multiple households, make sure as many people are vaccinated as possible so you can protect the people who are vulnerable, who might not yet be vaccinated.”