CBS Sports predicts Clemson will reclaim the top spot in the ACC

Dabo Swinney and the Clemson football program need a huge year in 2024, with varying opinions on if the Tigers can do it. 

Most see the Tigers struggling to return to the top shelf of college football teams next season, while others see Clemson turning things around and taking back their spot on the throne atop the ACC. 

CBS Sports recently discussed this in their storylines to follow for 2024, with Clemson returning to claim the top spot in the ACC as their No. 9 bold prediction.

Maybe a stretch for “bold,” and certainly not spicy since the Tigers are co-favorites to win the ACC along with Florida State, but this prediction comes with additional expectation that Clemson will reassert its dominance against lesser teams in the conference. While Pitt or Syracuse would weaponize itself every now and then for an upset or upset scare, Clemson largely ran through a good portion of its ACC schedule during its six-year reign as league champion. I think we get back to those kind of wins from Clemson thanks to an improved passing game that should benefit from a healthy wide receiver room and the arrival of instant impact young players like Bryant Wesco.

The wins they are talking about here that will get Clemson back don’t sound like much, but they are. A win is a win, and when you dominate your conference, it doesn’t matter how close some of these games are if you walk away with Ws. 

This is one of the first times I’ve seen people acknowledge the lack of health for Clemson at wide receiver last season as well. People love to point fingers, but don’t always take into account the full scope of what’s going on. 

While those who believe Clemson is on its way back up are in the minority, there is more than you’d think. 

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire