CBS Sports: Aggies won’t finish over .500 in the SEC?!

Ahh, you’ve got to love bold predictions…

The first College Football Saturday of 2022 is here and the Aggies find themselves one week away from their opening game versus Sam Houston at Kyle Field. As the offseason narratives are getting drawn out and people are finding it harder to come up with new, headline-grabbing content, there’s still time for all of the prognosticators to share their thoughts on how 2022 will unfold. Barrett Sallee, of CBS Sports HQ, had a very bold take on how things will shake-out for Jimbo & co. over the next handful of months in which he states, “Texas A&M is not going to sniff the CFP…in fact, they’re not even going to go over .500 in the SEC.”

Clearly, Sallee doesn’t think too highly of the Aggies in 2022, predicting a mere (4-4) record in SEC play due to questions at the quarterback position and depth along the defensive line, to name a few. He specifically notes the Aggies’ Week 3 match-up against preseason No.16 Miami, which will be their first “real” test after facing Sam Houston and Appalachian State in Weeks 1 and 2, respectively. Will this game be an early indicator of how Jimbo’s team performs in a high-stakes setting? We shall see.

It’s not as if anyone in the Aggies locker room cares what Sallee thinks, and maybe don’t even know who he is in the realm of college football analysts, but this could be one of those little nuggets you keep in the back of your head – a chip on your shoulder, if you will – when stacking wins results in proving the “doubters” wrong.

Story originally appeared on Aggies Wire