‘Catfish’ host Nev Schulman brought his wife a surprising gift on their first date

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When Catfish creator Nev Schulman asked Laura Perlongo on a date, he sent her a direct message on Instagram saying, “ Wanna go for a ride?' And because Schulman was determined to be bold, he added “tonight. Period.” Her response: “ha, duh.” However, there was just one problem. Perlongo didn’t wear underwear to work that day and didn’t want to get on the back of Schulman’s 1994 Kawasaki dirt bike in that state.

So Schulman, determined, went in to problem solving mode. “I find a pair of underwear that actually matches my motorcycle pretty closely in terms of color palette, which was great,” he explains. “When she told me the address of her office I immediately recognized it because I had been there before so I texted our friend Nick and I said hey what do you know about Laura. He said 'She's a hard worker.’”

While Perlongo wasn’t enthused with the review, it basically sealed the deal for Schulman. “Anyway so look no underwear and a hard worker. As far as I'm concerned marriage material. Those are my two check boxes,” he says.

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