Cat receives MVP chants while invading field at Yankee Stadium

With their team down 7-1 to the last-place Baltimore Orioles, a Yankee Stadium crowd found a new hero to cheer on.

In the eighth inning of the New York Yankees' game on Monday, a small cat made it onto the field and immediately booked it toward the outfield. The cat ran for Orioles left fielder Ryan McKenna before changing direction and settling on the warning track by the bullpen.

Some Yankee stadium staffers eventually circled the cat, but couldn't grab it.

The cat remained on the move for a while, evading security along the way and receiving chants "M-V-P!" and "Let's go cat!" It even tried to jump into the bullpen a few times. The chaos continued until one staffer opened up a door to exchange the problem of "Cat on the Yankee Stadium field" for the slightly lesser problem of "Cat in the Yankee Stadium stands."

Yes, there is a slow-motion replay. 80-grade running mechanics, 20-grade cat-catching mechanics.

Unfortunately, the cat was probably a stray and scared out of its mind in the very loud and well-lit confines of Yankee Stadium. It's something we've seen before in both baseball and the New York area over the last few years.

A different cat ran onto the field at Colorado's Coors Field earlier this season, and many will remember the black cat at MetLife Stadium on "Monday Night Football" a couple years ago. Hopefully, this one will be alright.

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