Cat cleverly charms human into buying him food

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A white, tailless cat had been roaming around Piedras Negras, Mexico when he caught the eye of an animal-loving stranger.

33-year-old Tania Lizbeth Santos Coy Tova saw the stray while walking to a local supermarket, BoredPanda reported.

Not one to pass up the opportunity to give a little extra love to furry friends, Tova went up and gave the cat a few strokes before heading into the store.

While she was walking away, however, she realized the

cat was following her.

Once both of them were in the store, the cat began to lead Tova to the pet food section and, with his paw, pointed out exactly what he wanted (it appeared he’s a fan of Purina).

Tova was charmed by the interaction and not only bought the packet of food for the cat, but ended up adopting him.

Now the cat is named Conejo (“rabbit”) because of his

white fur and missing tail.

Tova took him to the vet and bought him all sorts of toys, so he’s living a very happy new life off of the streets

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