Cason Wallace jokingly apologizes for previously low opinion of OKC

After being involved in a 2023 NBA draft trade, Cason Wallace didn’t sound ecstatic about living in Oklahoma City for nine months out of the year.

The Texas native was close to joining the Dallas Mavericks, but they elected to go with Dereck Lively II instead via a trade. It looks like the move paid off for both sides in the end.

“I definitely will be fine in Oklahoma,” Wallace said after being drafted. “There’s not much to do but it lets you stay focused.”

It appears the lack of distractions paid off. Wallace enjoyed a stellar rookie campaign with OKC. He was a key part of their rotation and was the unofficial sixth starter when someone was out.

The 20-year-old averaged 6.8 points on 49.1% shooting, 2,3 rebounds and 1.5 assists. He shot 41.9% from 3 on 2.3 attempts. He played a vital role in OKC’s playoff run and was named to the All-Rookie Second Team.

In his exit interview, a relaxed Wallace jokingly issued an apology for his previous opinion on Oklahoma. The former Kentucky guard said his time in OKC changed his outlook on the state.

“Yeah, owe the world an apology, I’ll say that,” Wallace jokingly said. “When I first did my press conference, I was like, there’s not much to do out here. There’s a good amount of things to do here.”

If Wallace continues to develop at the rate he’s shown since arriving at the Thunder, there’s a good shot he’ll have plenty more time to spend in OKC. The 20-year-old has the ceiling of a quality 3-and-D starter.

Wallace joins a long list of draft successes for the Thunder in the lottery range. They’ll have another chance to add someone new to the list with the No. 12 selection of the 2024 NBA draft.

Story originally appeared on Thunder Wire